How To Find & Tame Ganondorf’s Giant Horse In ‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’

[Credit: Nintendo]

There’s a huge open world to explore in the exceptionally well received The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and most players will soon tire of slogging everywhere on foot. Fortunately the game offers a variety of horses to tame and ride, though one rare mount literally stands out head and shoulders above the rest. In this part of our #guide we’ll show you how to find and tame Ganondorf’s Giant Horse, which has maximum strength and infinite stamina.

Although Nintendo scrapped plans to let Link ride a motorcycle, the Giant Horse is more than enough to make up for it. It’s not the fastest horse in #BreathOfTheWild, but it has infinite stamina and looks majestic as all hell. Did we mention it’s friggin’ ginormous?

[Credit: Nintendo]

You can name the horse whatever you like, but there are players that are convinced that it is in fact Ganondorf’s horse from other Legend of Zelda titles, although it doesn’t have a problem serving Link once you tame it. But before you tame the Breath of the Wild‘s Giant Horse, you’ll need to find it first. We recommend bringing along some stealth- and stamina-boosting food or elixirs. This will be no easy task.

Where To Find The Giant Horse With Infinite Stamina In ‘Breath Of The Wild’

[Credit: Nintendo]

You can go after Breath of the Wild‘s Giant Horse whenever you like, but if you want to, there’s a side quest to catch it called ‘Hunt for the Giant Horse,’ which you can get from talking to Straia in the camp northwest from the mouth of the Menoat River, right next to Pappeto Grove in the Lake Tower Region.

The Giant Horse can be found in the Taobab Grassland, near the border with Garudo territory. A good landmark to start your search at is Owa Daim Shrine. From there you can then glide south to the cliffs of Mount Faloraa. Once on the cliffs, look to the west and you should be able to spot the Giant Horse, typically attended by a few of its lesser brethren.

Some kind of horse king? [Credit: Nintendo]

As you can see, the Giant Horse looks capable of eating three normal ones for breakfast. How are we going to catch and tame a beast that big?

First of all, you want to get close enough to the Giant Horse without spooking it. If it gets scared, it can run a good distance away. So make sure you’ve packed some stealth-boosting food or equipment to improve your chances. Another option is to try scaling a tree and then paragliding onto its back.

As soon as you press ‘A’ to mount the Giant Horse, rapidly tap the L button to soothe the gargantuan beast until it calms down. This is where the stamina-boosting food comes in. It takes over two stamina wheels worth of effort to tame this mighty mount.

When you have tamed the Giant Horse, make your relationship official by riding it over to the Highland Stable to register it.

How To Tame The Giant Horse In ‘Breath Of The Wild’

The Giant Horse in Breath of the Wild is pretty temperamental and needs a strong and patient hand to tame properly. The fastest way to get to max Bond is to instantly soothe it the moment it moves on its own, and to also soothe it even when it’s obeying your commands. A few scrumptious carrots won’t hurt, either. Soon enough, you’ll get it to behave reliably.

Look At My Horse, My Horse Is Amazing

The last of its kind [Credit: Nintendo]

The Giant Horse is easily the most powerful of its kind that you can find in Breath of the Wild. When you register it, you might notice that it doesn’t have a listed stamina rating. And when you’re riding it, there are no stamina icons. That’s right. It has effectively INFINITE stamina. Your giant horse will never tire.

The Giant Horse isn’t the fastest horse in the game, but once it reaches top speed, it’ll keep it up indefinitely. It also has the highest strength of all horses, basically making it a living battering ram that crushes anything unfortunate enough to come under its hooves.

Have you had fun riding this giant juggernaut? Or do you prefer a smaller, faster horse?

This article originally appeared on video games magazine site The site is no longer online, but I’ve uploaded a few articles from my time as a staff writer there (2016-2017) here as portfolio samples.

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